Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions

Who the terms and conditions apply to

  • Mersey Flyers
  • Your Company or organization

Door to Door Service

This is where we deliver the flyers/digest to unaddressed homes/letter boxes in a pre-agreed area of your choice.

People’s Digest will have a set delivery schedule and pre-defined area that we will follow. You can chose the schedule and area that suits you the best.

With any of our service we do not guarantee to deliver the items by a certain date or time unless agreed with us.

We may change the delivery schedule at any time, if necessary by giving you notice in writing

The time taken to distribute the material will depend on the availability of our Flyer Fleet.

If the material is time sensitive there may be additional charges and we must be made aware of this at quotation stage. We will not be responsible for late delivery if we have not been made aware.

Bespoke Flyer Distribution

Your leaflets will be distributed on its own in the area of your choice

People’s Digest

A small community magazine, featuring stories, reviews, hints and tips across a diverse range of topics. It will also feature local events along with your adverts of different sizes. We will try our best to ensure the companies are non-competing but this cannot be guaranteed. Price quoted will be inclusive of design and printing costs. The distribution date will be determined by merseyflyers to specific postcodes on a set rotation.


The agreement between us will commence on the receipt of your confirmation email to confirm your booking and full and clear payment of your order.

If you send a confirmation email to us we will consider that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions.

Once the agreement commences you may not be able to make any changes and we have the right to refuse to the changes. The changes must be approved by us in writing.

100% payment must be received prior to the delivery commencing prior to commencement of the agreement.

We both agree to keep the details of our agreement confidential.

We will not deliver/publish any items which in our opinion:

  • Likely to cause embarrassment to all parties involved including the person who will receive them
  • Will or likely to harm our reputation
  • Are prohibited by low, any guidelines or regulation
  • Dangerous
  • Noncompliant
  • Relate to more than one company or organisation to create a conflict
  • Does not comply to the British code of advertising

You acknowledge and agree that we do not have any influence or control over the response of the person who receives the flyers/digest.

GPS Tracking relies upon GPS signal so there is a chance that due to loss of signal some of the distribution may not be tracked.

In any postcode sector or the distribution area we will use our best endeavors to achieve 100% coverage to all the letter boxes. However due to logistics and the location our Flyer Fleet may not always be able to find all the letter boxes and therefore the level of coverage may be less than 100%

As it is not addressed delivery our Flyer Fleet may not realize they have missed a letter box or a property

If it is a block of flats or a converted house our Flyer Fleet may not be able to gain access to individual letter boxes

A house may not have a letter box present

If a dog warning is present, our Flyer Fleet for their own safety and discretion may not attempt to deliver in that particular house

Our Flyer Fleet may not deliver to a property that appears empty or derelict

We have a duty not to deliver flyers or the digest to an address from which we have received a written request not to deliver such Items or where we do not consider it safe or sensible to do so. Or there is a note on the premise to not deliver such material. In either case, we will not be liable for paying you any refund or credit.

Our recommended method of delivery of flyers in Share it option is for each Item to be prepared for delivery by being stacked individually one on top of the other. Whilst we will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that Items are delivered in this manner, for operational reasons this will not always be possible.

We use an electronic counting machine. If there is excess material, you will be informed and either it can be collected at your cost or you can request a new quote for new distribution schedule. If there is insufficient material, again you will be informed. We will not be liable for any short fall nor you will be eligible for any refunds or credit notes.

If we lose or damage an Item before we are due to deliver it and this is as a result of our error, we will pay you compensation for the loss or damage, up to the amount it would reasonably cost to reprint the Item.

If we fail to make a delivery we will pay compensation. The amount of compensation will be based only on how much of the delivery was affected, although it will be limited to the delivery charges you paid for that delivery

You must, in each case, make your claim for compensation within 14 days calendar days of the end of receiving confirmation of completion from us. You must support your claim by providing the following:

The consignment note we have signed or any other proof which shows, to our satisfaction, that you handed over the Items to us.

  • Satisfactory proof that we failed to make the delivery.
  • Any relevant information about the Items, including (but not limited to) specific details of areas (including names and addresses) where we have failed to make a delivery. We will not consider isolated examples of a lack of response from the person who is meant to receive the Item (or Items) as full proof that we have failed to make a delivery.
  • Satisfactory proof of how much it would cost to replace the flyers if we were at fault
  • If we investigate any complaint for which you have failed to provide satisfactory proof, we may claim from you, and you agree to pay, all reasonable costs we had to pay to carry out the investigation.
  • Neither we nor our officers, employees or agents will be responsible to you in any circumstances for
  • Any kind of loss or liability including but not limited to loss of profit, loss of business, loss of goodwill or loss of business opportunity
  • Any type of special or indirect loss or loss arising from something else happening as a result of loss, damage or delay to your flyer delivery

This will be regardless of how the loss or damage was caused, including if it is caused by the negligence of us, our officers, employees or agents.

If we are not able to, or refuse to, carry out our duties under the Agreement for any period due to circumstances outside our control (including, but not limited to, fire, flood, riot, public disturbance, sabotage, natural disasters and industrial action), we will not have any liability to you for any loss or damage you suffer as a result.

We can, at any time and without having any liability to you, cancel a delivery to one or more postcode sectors under the Agreement, or end the Agreement altogether, after giving you notice in writing.

Cancellation of your order

You can cancel your order with us in writing. Instruction to reduce the number of delivery flyers will be treated as full cancellation and below ratio will apply.

  • 50% refund if you notify us between day 1 and day 7 from receiving your confirmation email of placing the order
  • 20% refund if you notify us from day 8 and day 14 from receiving your confirmation email of placing the order
  • No refund after day 14 from receiving your confirmation email of placing the order

When using the Bespoke Flyer Distribution Service. The flyers remain your property. We will store your flyers in a dry and secure location. The material should be insured by you and in the event of any loss or damage you must be able to claim with your Insurers.

These terms and conditions will be governed in accordance with the English Law and all the parties agree that English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction.